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Our lightning-fast, ontology-rich, and highly customizable search supercharges Shopware's default search with smart features. All you need to do is create an account on our eCommerce portal and contact our support team to enable it for your Shopware store.

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We use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze every search request your shoppers enter and guide them to the right products


Site Search 360 comes with a multilingual autocorrect feature for error-tolerant search that can also be enriched with custom synonyms

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We leverage our extensive experience and insight into e-commerce search best practices to streamline the setup for you

Lightning-fast speeds

Your built-in search is already slow, and now you're noticing that the more products you add to your site, the slower it's getting. Why? Simple: the standard search relies on and is limited by the size and the performance of the server you're using.

We've got the solution. Site Search 360 is a cloud-based platform, meaning it avoids the problems that come because of server limitations. Our dedicated infrastructure is optimized to process millions of search queries daily and thus relieve the strain on your servers.

Even your most impatient searchers will notice the platform's responsiveness; as soon as they start typing into the search box, they will see instantly populated best-matching results as well as popular searches to help them navigate what your shop has to offer.

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Top-notch search intelligence

All your Shopware data is stored in one core MySQL database. Your standard search would simply check if a certain keyword exists in the database. It can't understand the relationships among numerous product parameters.

Instead, Site Search 360 comprehends the information from your product catalog. Article numbers and SKUs are processed so that even unfinished or partially matching searches bring your shoppers to the right product. All product attributes such as price, color, size, weight, material, etc., are treated as valuable data points that enrich and filter your search results, so a blue striped shirt query would directly show shirts with stripes in all available shades of blue (even if your products are described with fancy words like azure, cyan, and aquamarine).

Unstructured data such as product descriptions can be processed through our semantic engine. For example, if your description says "This coat has a DWR (durable water repellent) finish to stave off showers", the search engine will mark it as a coat with waterproof features.

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Beyond products

The search extends beyond your catalog. Any other content that you have on your blog, FAQ pages, PDF documents, or even the videos on your YouTube channel can be included in the search results powered by Site Search 360. Adding filters to group the entries by tag, category, author, or publication date will further streamline your visitors' search experience while letting your marketing team's content shine.

To truly make searching a frictionless experience, Site Search 360 comes out-of-the-box with an autocorrect feature that you can upgrade even further by adding custom synonyms to your dictionary.

Total search result control

With the standard Shopware search, all the products in your database are considered to be entries just like the others, and it's impossible to prioritize certain results. Sure, you can sort by "Price ascending" or by "Recently added", but what if you want to promote a certain brand or feature (for example, all eco-friendly items), or show high-margin products at the top?

Site Search 360's flexible ranking strategies allow you to choose products to highlight within the specified criteria, and they can be easily turned on or off if you want to run limited-time promotions.

And if you'd like to bring up a featured result or a promo banner when a searcher types in a certain keyword, just go to our Result Manager and map the query to your desired results. You can also redirect your searcher to a specific URL if you have a landing page that answers their search query best, and if you don't, you can easily create an optimal result set with predefined filters and facets - all within the Site Search 360 platform.

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Worry-free integration and maintenance

  • Forget about having to set up a complex Elasticsearch installation or laboriously redesigning your search result template - Site Search 360 is natively integrated into your Shopware store.
  • Your product data is always up to date, with daily automatic updates performed overnight.
  • If you want to unlock the full Site Search 360 power and make sure it runs without a hitch on your site, we offer full integration support in your staging environment - contact us for an offer.
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Stand-Out Features

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Fast indexing with
automatic updates

There's no need to worry about indexing new and updated pages. Site Search 360 takes care of updating your search results pages for you – fast.


Speedy results
and suggestions

Our site search serves up results and suggestions faster than you can say 'Google it'.

Two Cogs

Robust prediction

Site Search 360's powerful suggested results engine makes searching a breeze. Enrich suggestions further with specific information like 'price' and 'availability.'

Three Directions

Cross-platform-platform and
cross-domain search

Site Search 360 lets users search across multiple platforms and domains from one search box, keeping any product-specific sites in the loop.

Search Loop

faceted search

Allow your users to narrow down search results in just a few clicks with faceted search functionality.

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Flexible indexing

Easily blacklist any URL or URL pattern or include or exclude specific page blocks (such as custom banners and widgets) as you see fit.

Painter Palette

Rich customizability

Keep your Shopware theme's aesthetics or tweak your site search to look however you'd like with our easy-to-use site search designer tool


Best in class support

Our focus on providing outstanding customer support means we're proud to be the #1 rated site search on Trust Pilot.

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Transparent pricing

We're open and honest about our pricing structure, and you can start for free in just a few clicks.

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Our Shopware extension is free to download, but you need to subscribe to one of Site Search 360's ecommerce plans to use it. Contact us to get a quote today.

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More than just search

Site Search 360 is more than just a search function. It's a partner that implements your business strategies and helps you achieve your goals.