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Goodbye Google Site Search

When Google Site Search was discontinued, it didn't take long for businesses to realize Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) was not a suitable alternative.

With no way of stopping third-party ads appearing in site search results, CSE severely damages the look, feel, and user experience of most websites.

In fact, for many businesses, it's completely unworkable.

After all, what use is a site search that actively diverts users away from your website?

A stellar substituteSite Search 360 is the perfect
to Google Site Search

We're confident in our product, so we decided to lean into the obvious comparison with Google Site Search and Google Custom Search to explain exactly why we're the ideal choice for anyone looking for an alternative.

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Ad-free search resultsBlue Check iconBlue Check iconRed Cross icon
Third-party branding-freeBlue Check iconRed Cross iconBlue Check icon
Extensive design customizationBlue Check iconRed Cross iconRed Cross icon
Complete synonym controlBlue Check iconRed Cross iconRed Cross icon
Complete relevance fine-tuningBlue Check iconRed Cross iconRed Cross icon
In-depth analyticsBlue Check iconBlue Check iconBlue Check icon
Quick implementationBlue Check iconBlue Check iconBlue Check icon

Complete control over your site search results

Not only are there absolutely no third-party ads in your results, but with Site Search 360 you have total control over what visitors find when they perform a query.

Our simple solution makes it easy to define relevant synonyms,  group content into categories, style your links, choose which results are displayed first, and pick which image to display alongside them.

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Set up your new site search in under 30 minutes

Site Search 360 is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use –whatever your level of technical expertise. With our simple search designer, there's no need to fiddle with code (unless you want to) and it's practically effortless to integrate your solution into a wide range of CMSs including Magento, Shopify, and SquareSpace. We also have plugins developed especially for WordPress, and Lightspeed.

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Search that's a sight for sore eyes

That's why Site Search 360 products are completely customizable – from the look and feel of the search box to how results are displayed.

We understand that businesses invest heavily in creating the perfect website. No one wants their aesthetic ruined by an ugly, one-size-fits-all site search solution.

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Now it's over to you

Test Site Search 360 for your domain and take a free trial to see for yourself how effortless excellent site search can be.