Who we are

Some of the world's greatest detectives have had to wear a mask or keep to shadows to solve a case. We've got no use for secret identities though! In fact, we want the world to know just who the Site Search super-sleuths are!

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Site Search 360 started life as a simple add-on to Zoovu (Germany) GmbH (then SEMKNOX)'s product search engine, providing existing customers with a content search solution, but as demand for a trustworthy alternative to Google Site Search increased, we quickly grew into something much bigger.

From our HQ in Dresden, our mission is to use more than 10 years' experience in the search space to help revolutionize how your customers navigate your website, much like how modern search engines have changed the way the world finds information online.

We now have a reputation as the custom search solution that packs a punch, offering superlative semantic site search at a Google-like speed in an easy-to-use package that can be set up in seconds.

In short, we're the site search solution that gives your customers exactly what they want – instantly.

Our team

Dr David Urbansky
Dr David Urbansky CEO / Co-founder
Simon Schabel
Simon Schabel CMO / Co-founder
Sebastian Sprenger
Sebastian Sprenger CTO / Co-founder
Erik Schimanek
Erik Schimanek Software Developer
Crystal Schlegelmilch
Crystal Schlegelmilch Knowledge Engineer
Jaroslav Vaňkát
Jaroslav Vaňkát Software Engineer
Frank Thomas
Frank Thomas Sales
Olesya Elfimova
Olesya Elfimova Search Excellence
Abbie Wu-Hartwig
Abbie Wu-Hartwig Customer Support
Michal Kowalski
Michal Kowalski Software Engineer
Sarah Brochard
Sarah Brochard Implementation Specialist / Marketing
Jewels Wellness Coach

What we believe in

Linked chain

Collaboration / Compatibility

The world's a better place when everybody gets along, which is why our software plays nicely with a wide range of platforms including:
WordPress, Cloudflare, Squarespace, Shopify, Drupal, and Typo3.



It isn't just developers who have a stake in search, so our solutions are designed to be set up and operated by everyone, not just people with a background in IT. As a result, anybody can have Search 360 up and running on their website in less than 30 minutes.

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Not everybody likes being tied down, which is why every product tier is available without a long-term contract. Simply pick a plan that suits you and upgrade or downgrade whenever you want.

Three dots in a chat cloud


The best people to support our users are those who know our software best – us. We're available across live-chat, email, and phone, to help with everything from dictionary definitions to design drama.

Remote controller


Search should take the hassle out of finding what you need online, so Site Search 360 is designed to provide a consistently excellent user experience – whatever device you search on.

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At Site Search 360, we're committed to being as green as we can be, and our CO2-free servers are 100% powered by renewable hydroelectricity.



We're big believers of people feeling free to be themselves, which is why our search boxes are completely customizable – express your brand in a way that matches your site's look and feel.

Wide open doors

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Nobody should be excluded from finding the information they need. To ensure Site Search 360 is an inclusive and accessible tool, we developed the entire experience around common accessibility standards.

City Of Dresden

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