Stop wasting time optimizing Magento's native search. Switch to Site Search 360.

This isn't just another add-on to replace your Magento MySQL or Elasticsearch engine. The Site Search 360 product search extension seamlessly integrates with your shop and runs a semantic analysis to grasp every nuance of your product catalog and deliver lightning-fast, meaningful results right out of the box.

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Semantically enhanced to understand every product facet and attribute


Error-tolerant search that allows you to fully control search result output

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Developed in collaboration with and certified by the Magento creators

Speedy, reliable, and robust search results

The Magento search relies on and is limited by the size and the performance of your server. The bigger your site and catalog grows, the slower search queries will be processed.

Running an e-commerce business is challenging enough. Let us take the weight from you and your servers thanks to our cloud-based platform optimized for processing millions of search queries on a daily basis.

Our solution is built on a paradigm of server redundancy, enabling us to provide you with constant uptime and automatic server selection based on proximity and speed.

Results perfectly in sync with your shop

The product catalog data the search uses is fully updated at least daily while our 24/7 incremental updates allow us to instantly reflect even the slightest changes in price, size or color, availability, product description updates, and more.

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Dynamic search facets to guide your shoppers

Smart search suggestions instantly appear as your shoppers start interacting with your search bar. This is like a signpost that lets a searcher take a shortcut by choosing one of the product or content autosuggestions grouped by relevant category.

Alternatively, they can check out popular or recommended search queries redirecting them to curated sets of results.

Finally, if they hit Enter or the search button, they get redirected to the full search results that can be quickly narrowed down thanks to our highly customizable filters.

Open-source and extendable

Following Magento's open-source approach, the Site Search 360 Magento extension is also an open software development framework. It can be downloaded and extended via our repository.

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SEO-conscious search

Site Search 360 can be used to generate SEO-driven landing pages. For example, if cheap garden chairs are a trending search query, why not run a marketing campaign and direct customers to a dedicated search result page? This page would answer your searchers' intent perfectly by listing all available garden chairs, sorted by price (low to high). Then, you can use our Result Manager to enhance the customer experience by suggesting related items such as garden tables or other equipment you're selling.

Streamlined integration into your Magento layout

The extension is built so that its core functionality works with every template out of the box as our search seamlessly replaces the built-in search engine. To turn on full functionality, some simple custom styling work within the template might be needed.

We provide full integration assistance in your staging environment starting from 799$. No matter how your site's set up or how complex it is, we will make sure our search matches your site and that other 3rd-party extensions you might be using don't cause any conflicts.

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Match your Magento product search to searcher expectations

The Site Search 360 Magento extension lets our engine process all the information about the products you sell without asking you to spend hours setting it up. Titles, categories, product numbers, and descriptions get automatically prioritized and enhanced - no manual tuning necessary. This capability is enabled by our knowledge-rich ontology, our key to architecting a search that understands what your customers want just like a human shop assistant would.

Apply diverse product attributes for powerful boosting strategies

Automatically curating product ranking based on multiple factors is a snap. For example, say you want to bring attention to a specific brand but only the best-selling items that you have in stock. Thanks to our AI-powered classification algorithms, you can easily apply a wide range of attributes such as manufacturer, availability, and sales count. As shown by A/B tests, even minute adjustments to the importance of ranking factors can significantly influence search metrics, thus reducing bounce rate and inviting more clicks and conversions.

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Under-the-hood access for maximum control

Our Result Manager gives you even more say in how your search works. Do you need a keyword to explicitly prioritize products A, B, and C? No problem! Our drag-and-drop editor lets you rearrange your search results as you see fit. You can also save your shoppers time by redirecting them to a page that addresses their query best or by showing a result set with predefined filters. This lets you suggest alternatives for products and brands that you don't offer, thus avoiding user flow dead-ends and shopper dissatisfaction. The options are limitless!

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Stand-Out Features

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Fast indexing with
automatic updates

There's no need to worry about indexing new and updated pages. Site Search 360 takes care of updating your search results pages for you – fast.


Speedy results
and suggestions

Our site search serves up results and suggestions faster than you can say 'Google it'.

Two Cogs

Robust prediction

Site Search 360's powerful suggested results engine makes searching a breeze. Enrich suggestions further with specific information like 'price' and 'availability.'

Three Directions

Cross-platform-platform and
cross-domain search

Site Search 360 lets users search across multiple platforms and domains from one search box, keeping any product-specific sites in the loop.

Search Loop

faceted search

Allow your users to narrow down search results in just a few clicks with faceted search functionality.

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Flexible indexing

Easily blacklist any URL or URL pattern or include or exclude specific page blocks (such as custom banners and widgets) as you see fit.

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Rich customizability

Keep your Magento theme's aesthetics or tweak your site search to look however you'd like with our easy-to-use site search designer tool


Best in class support

Our focus on providing outstanding customer support means we're proud to be the #1 rated site search on Trust Pilot.

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Transparent pricing

We're open and honest about our pricing structure, and you can start for free in just a few clicks.

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Our Magento online shop extension is free to download, but you need to subscribe to one of Site Search 360's plans to use it. Contact us to get a quote today.

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