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All your data: structured and searchable

The Site Search 360 OXID online shop extension enables our engine to access, break down, and classify all information about every product you sell, all without asking you to invest hours of your time to set it up. Titles, categories, product numbers, and descriptions are automatically prioritized and enhanced - no manual tuning necessary. This is made possible by our knowledge-rich ontology - the key to a search that understands what your customers want. Just like a human shop assistant would.

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Search and filter by any product attribute

Our search is aware of every little detail and every attribute - whether they are default characteristics or custom-assigned attributes, this knowledge doesn't go to waste and is incorporated into search result ranking and facets. We augment OXID's filtering by introducing range filter sliders. Transform any numeric data - e.g. price, weight, dimensions - into a range of values to enable a granularity in search unachievable by multi-select filters alone. Your OXID online shop customers will appreciate how swiftly they can narrow down the results to their exact parameters, and a better user experience always converts better.

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Create powerful ranking strategies

It's never been easier for business owners to automatically curate their product ranking based on multiple factors at a time. For example, you'd like to promote a specific brand but only their best-selling items that are currently in stock. Thanks to our AI-powered classification algorithms, you can mix and match attributes such as manufacturer, availability, and sales count with a click of a mouse. As previously-run A/B tests have shown, even a small adjustment to the importance of every ranking factor can heavily influence your search metrics, reducing bounce rate and inviting more clicks and conversions.

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Under-the-hood access for maximum control

Our Result Manager extends your power even further. Are you thinking, What if I need this keyword to explicitly bring up products A, B, and C at the top? No problem! Our drag-and-drop editor lets you rearrange and pin your search results as you see fit. You can also save your shoppers unnecessary clicks by redirecting them to a page that suits their query best or show a result set with predefined filters. Avoid user flow dead-ends by suggesting alternatives for products and brands that you don't offer. The options are limitless!

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Smooth, stress-free integration

Site Search 360's extension for OXID is designed to integrate seamlessly into any OXID online shop template without having to modify a single one of your settings or files. It's as if your car just got a smarter, faster engine. Nothing changes on the outside and your product layout is left intact, but the new search engine makes all the difference.

We also have a toggle letting you activate a special Site Search 360's component layer to enhance your site search experience even further with quick as-you-type suggestions and range filter sliders that aren't available in standard OXID templates.

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Your search results are up to date 24/7

Whenever you update descriptions, prices, or a product is sold out, this information is immediately reflected in search results thanks to our optional unique-in-class round-the-clock incremental updates. This agility in staying up-to-date is buttressed by full updates that take place every night.

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Instant as-you-type results

This is what OXID's built-in search lacks but your shop doesn't have to thanks to Site Search 360's autosuggestions. Just type in a few characters, and our engine will start suggesting best-matching results as well as popular queries, all shown in a dropdown below your search bar.

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Multilingual search for multilingual shops

Don't worry if your online shop interface is available in multiple languages - our search is a polyglot, too. Every language gets its own suite of features: manage results, apply ranking strategies, and customize filters independently from your primary language settings.

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Stand-Out Features

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Fast indexing with
automatic updates

There's no need to worry about indexing new and updated pages. Site Search 360 takes care of updating your search results pages for you – fast.


Speedy results
and suggestions

Our site search serves up results and suggestions faster than you can say 'Google it'.

Two Cogs

Robust prediction

Site Search 360's powerful suggested results engine makes searching a breeze. Enrich suggestions further with specific information like 'price' and 'availability.'

Three Directions

Cross-platform-platform and
cross-domain search

Site Search 360 lets users search across multiple platforms and domains from one search box, keeping any product-specific sites in the loop.

Search Loop

faceted search

Allow your users to narrow down search results in just a few clicks with faceted search functionality.

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Flexible indexing

Easily blacklist any URL or URL pattern or include or exclude specific page blocks (such as custom banners and widgets) as you see fit.

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Rich customizability

Keep your OXID theme's aesthetics or tweak your site search to look however you'd like with our easy-to-use site search designer tool


Best in class support

Our focus on providing outstanding customer support means we're proud to be the #1 rated site search on Trust Pilot.

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Transparent pricing

We're open and honest about our pricing structure, and you can start for free in just a few clicks.

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