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Our fantastic features will help your visitors find exactly what they want (fast!) keep your brand standards front and center, and provide great ROI as your page views and conversions soar

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For your visitors

We're obsessed with usability, so every decision we make has your audience in mind. Searching your site couldn't be easier, whether on desktop or mobile

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Superman speed

Nobody likes waiting. Keep visitors on the page and frustration-free with our lightning-quick search.

Service response time is usually between 10 and 100ms (~20ms on average) per request. We automatically route your visitors to the closest server for the fastest search suggestions and results.

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Smarter site-search

Our semantic search lets users find what they want, not just what they type.

Synonym and hypernym recognition means your users will easily find their favorite breakfast recipe, whether they search for pancakes, crêpes, or hot cakes.


Get vocal with voice search

Visitors can enjoy a seamless and speedy voice-activated search experience. For now it's available to Chrome users only, but we're looking forward to rolling the feature out across all the most popular browsers.

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Great search is for everyone!

Results adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and Section 508 Standards of the United States Access Board. We score 100/100 on Google's Lighthouse accessibility test. And Accessibility Developer Guide has even chosen us for their site search engine.

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When visitors use a screen smaller than 600px wide, mobile mode is activated automatically, helping visitors get the best search experience, whatever device they use.

For you

We want you to get more from your search platform, so we've packed it full of useful features and designed it to be as easy for you to navigate as it is for your visitors.

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Your search, your style

Our Search Designer tool puts you in control of how your search box and results will appear – making it a piece of cake to create the right look and feel, with your search tool seamlessly incorporated into the design of your website.

Add a search icon, adjust colors, padding, loading animation, and more. Choose the implementation style for your search results: layover, full screen, or embedded, presented as a list or in a grid. You can immediately see your changes live, both in desktop and mobile versions.

Full search result control

You decide what content to show. You can group results and show structured data – just what your users need to see. Our query mapping options let you order and pin your best results, redirect a query to a specific URL (e.g. a promotional page), or rewrite a query to direct the user to the right keywords. And smart baked-in algorithms pick up the most suitable content for your search result title, image and snippet. But you can point our crawler to any part of your pages using XPaths.

  • Import your Google Custom Search promotions and synonyms
  • Built-in auto-completes, search suggestions, and spell-checker
  • Fully customizable content grouping, boosting, and search facets


We're growing our integrations list all the time. Right now, you can automate your workflows with Zapier or Make and integrate with native plugins on Drupal, WordPress and Cloudflare.

Awesome analytics

Improve your user retention and harness the insights to increase conversions and revenue.

Powerful analytics show you exactly what your users are looking for, when they're looking for it, and what search results they click the most, as well as helping you stay on top of trends and evolving demands.

For example, if a frequent query doesn't return any results, you can add it to your dictionary or redirect it to the correct keyword using our Query Mappings.

  • User behavior analytics
  • Search trend monitoring
  • Ability to export all collected data
  • Can be integrated with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Document indexing

Index all your documents including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Open Office files.

A clean, up-to-date index

Let the automatic crawlers do their thing (from twice a week to once a month, depending on your plan), use integrators like Make or Zapier to fine-tune and automate the process, or manually re-index your website at any time.

  • Instantly view the index status of any URL and whether there are any issues such as 404 or 500 errors
  • Quick deduplication settings

For everyone

Site Search 360 is packed full of features that will simultaneously benefit your business and delight your customers.

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Cross-domain search

Index content from different sites into one index, so visitors can search all your domains from a single search box. An invaluable feature for any organization with content published to multiple online properties, such as corporations, educational institutes or content networks.

Good for your visitors, who find exactly what they're looking for – good for you, as you increase page views across your sites.

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Smart 404 pages

No more dead ends or "not-found" frustration! Add search to your 404 page, with automatic results to help your visitors find what they were looking for.

It's a feature to turn visitors' frowns upside down and encourage exploration of your pages, instead of clicking away!

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One size fits all

Site Search 360 can crawl as much or as little as you want.

Set up a search engine just for your blog, a password-protected internal knowledge base, crawl multiple domains and subdomains at once, or let visitors search across a multilingual online shop.



Our servers are powered with 100% renewable energy from water power. No CO2 emissions here!


Available and reliable

Site Search 360 has an average uptime of at least 99.9%.

Our uptime is constantly monitored, and multiple servers guarantee redundancy and reduced risk of outages. You can see for yourself on our system status monitor.


Support for 19 languages

We currently support: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Danish, Czech, Finnish, Romanian, Latvian, Turkish, Hungarian, Greek, Lithuanian, and Swedish.


Our flexible implementation options mean everyone can quickly benefit from superlative search, whatever your in-house tech skill level.

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Super simple...

You don't need programming skills to integrate our out-of-the-box site search. Just copy and paste a few lines of auto-generated code and you're off!

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...or complete customizability

If you'd like more flexibility and you've got the coding (JavaScript and CSS) skills, you can use our API for a more comprehensive search experience.


Solid support

We're confident you'll find Site Search 360 beautifully easy to use, but should you ever need any help, our friendly support team will be on the case. And you may find that your question has already been answered in our FAQs or Knowledge base!

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