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The key to a smart e-commerce search

Site Search 360 e-commerce search is based on a multidimensional and infinitely adaptable ontology that contains all relations, logical connections, and metadata – everything that's relevant.

We analyze, structure, and augment your data to deliver the most accurate results.

site search ecommerce preview

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Search that knows what you mean

Site Search 360's product search uses an AI-enhanced semantic engine to analyze every query and break down its meaning.

A search for "inexpensive smartphone" will automatically sort items by price, with the cheapest at the top, and even if phone cases are cheaper than phones, they won't pollute the results because your customer is looking for a smartphone, not a smartphone accessory.

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Search that knows you're human

And humans make mistakes. Our ontology knows thousands of synonyms, handles misspellings, and catches alternative names, product titles, and categories to direct the searcher to the right results. From industry jargon to everyday descriptions - you can always enrich it to cover your particular needs.

Spelling correction

Search that does the math for you

Numbers and units are automatically normalized for easy comparison, so it doesn't matter if you search for an 80-cm or a 32-inch TV - you'll find the right one. It doesn't matter if the user types "gigs" or "GB" and you only have "gigabyte" in your database. The search will still bring up the correct products - no manual cleanup necessary.

Converting inches to different units during search


There are three options to integrate Site Search 360 into your eCommerce store – for two of them, you don't even need a developer. Our personalized onboarding, extensive help resources, and reactive customer success team will guide you through every step of the process.

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JavaScript Plugin

The quickest and easiest method that works with every shop platform. You are just one line of code away from your new search.

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Shop Extensions

If you have a Magento, or an Oxid shop, install our app for a deep and smooth integration out of the box. For Shopware, simply contact our dedicated support.

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Need to have full control over your product indexing and updates? Check out our REST API.

Not sure where to start? Drop us a line – we're here to help!

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Full control in no time

Result Manager

No need to call your IT guy whenever you need to tweak your search behavior. We've got a built-in result manager for you:

  • Drag and drop result cards to reorder and pin the best hits.
  • Create custom banners out of any page, product, video, or PDF, write your own description, and schedule your promotional campaign.
  • Guide shoppers searching for a particular brand or product type to a dedicated landing page or to a pre-filtered set of results.
  • Map non-product searches such as phone number, return policy, or shipping to respective info pages.
No need to call your IT guy whenever you need to tweak your search behavior. We've got a built-in result manager for you:

Ranking Strategies

Need to promote a specific category, brand, or collection? Or maybe boost products with a specific feature that are also on sale? Just tell us what's important and we'll automatically re-arrange the results based on multiple ranking factors.

Push items that are out of stock or have delivery delays to the bottom and boost the highest-selling and the most-viewed products. Running campaigns has never been easier.

    No need to call your IT guy whenever you need to tweak your search behavior. We've got a built-in result manager for you:


    Optimize your search results based on user groups so the right person sees the right thing at the right time. You can also scale prices for each product and user group.

      Personalised Site Search results

      Actionable Analytics

      Concrete data helps you optimize our search. Our back-office analyzes how your search performs top-to-bottom to show you what's working and what can be improved.

        Table and chart of popular queries




        Narrow down results easily and clearly



        Automatically sort results based on query intent


        Content Search

        Enrich your results by uniting all your site content within one search



        Relevant products will be ranked higher


        Spelling Correction

        Typos are corrected automatically



        Landing pages with pre-set filters and ranking strategies


        Voice Search

        Baked-in future-proofing and accessibility



        Polyglot search to open new markets



        Fast response times for a stress-free shopping experience



        Live results as you type


        Fast Integration

        Connect via feed, shop extensions, or API


        Quick Updates

        Complete, incremental, and partial product updates

        Try it for free

        Start your free 14-day trial, no credit card required.

        Ontology-enhanced search

        Site Search 360 e-commerce search delivers highly relevant and accurate results out of the box thanks to our custom-built ontology (knowledge graph), enhanced by an AI engine and fine-tuned by our Knowledge Engineering team. Your product data is analyzed semantically which means that every item is classified and mapped to the respective nodes in the category-tree structure of the Site Search 360 ontology. This process enriches your data with synonyms, hyperonym-hyponym relationships between the terms as well as product vs product accessory hierarchy. On top of that, the ontology contains thousands of predefined attributes such as colors, models, sizes (with units), etc., also organized by category.

        When we index your site and product catalog, our AI engine extracts all attributes known to the system, normalizes and clusters your data so the corresponding nodes in the ontology, just like neurons, get activated. And when your Site Search 360 AI brain is presented with a search query, named-entity recognition (NER) takes place, categorization is applied, and the semantic intent of the searcher is resolved.

        Ontology-enhanced search

        Why Site Search 360?

        One-Stop Control & Analysis

        With the unique power of our ontology, your search is both ready to go out of the box and fully customizable. Let our in-depth analytics maximize your conversion rates.

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        A Search for the Future

        Manual maintenance is a thing of the past. Our custom-built search engine is enhanced by machine learning and automatically stays cutting edge and up to date.

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        Feel Supported

        Your success is our success. Quality Choice support that has the Happiest Users, as recognized by Crozdesk. We have your back with anything that comes your way.

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        Our Customers

        Site Search 360 semantic product search will drive your online shop conversions and bring you happier customers. You can see our tech in use in the shops below.

        Achara Rossow & Rockabilly logo

        "The Site Search 360 semantic product search integration has dramatically improved our webshop search. Not only has our search been augmented by various features, but it now also delivers significantly better, more precise results. Plus, the integration was easy, and we didn't have to change our search result layout."

        Achara Rossow, Head of Marketing

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        Case Studies

        Rockabilly logo

        Rockabilly Rules is a shop for the rock 'n‘ roll lifestyle. Our challenge was to make it simple for the customer to integrate the search into their existing shop system without impacting any of their own programming work. Read the story behind their awesome search, check out the Rockabilly Rules case study.