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Established in 1990, Terabyte combines the know-how of an established marketing agency with future-driven solutions for its portfolio of customers. The Auckland-based team of forward-thinking digital minds has worked with an eclectic mix of clients, such as New Zealand wine growers, Bupa New Zealand, Mico, Snell Packaging, Fusion5, Bell Gully, and more. So, it understands how to transform the online B2B and B2C user experience with robust yet easy-to-use technology and scalable web design.

Terabyte wanted an on-site search functionality that would perfectly integrate into their site building projects and give them:

  • Full control over search results with the ability to show custom results and promotional banners, as well as easily redirect a query to a more relevant page or section of a website for a faster search experience;
  • Full control over search design including styling for the search box and button (CTA), autocomplete suggestions and as-you-type-results, as well as the overall look and feel of the search result behaviour and its layout configuration;
  • Speedy indexing with the ability to re-index on demand when new content must be immediately up;
  • Ability to automatically update to the latest version of the search plugin without touching the codebase;
  • Ability to manage multiple accouts so that Terabyte can help clients set up their site search or online project at a team level while keeping search projects easily accessible, yet separate.

Site Search 360 provided a search solution for all of these requirements when partnering with Terabyte, and our search is currently featured on dozens of their projects.

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The challenge

Building a tailored search functionality for customers with a unique digital roadmap, i.e. where content is accessible to members only or spread across multiple domains or platforms.
If we take the example of New Zealand Wine, their main site is accessible to the public, however, the organisation also has a password-protected area for its over 600 grower members and 700 winery members. Besides, they showcase various types of information on their online portal, from text-heavy reports, detailed wine producers presentations, and membership specific requirements, to richly interactive content such as industry initiatives and events as well as educational workshops that feature photos as well as videos.

    NZ marketing agency
    Leading eCommerce
    web design projects
    digital strategy

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    The solution

    Site Search 360 can search through different properties and present them, either compartmentalized into categories or mixed altogether, in one interface.
    What's also important is the ability to index password-protected pages behind a custom login screen (e.g., login page or members area of a site) so that all pages are included in your search results.

    We achieved this by securely identifying all authentication parameters and the login form XPath. A test is best performed on a single URL before the Site Search 360 crawler re-indexes the website to add the password-protected pages to the search results.

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    Account management

    At Site Search 360, we understand the challenge of managing multiple stores which often include both product search and content search. As an agency, you want to be able to easily access each of your customer accounts and switch between them, while keeping them separate for billing and confidentiality purpose.

    Agency solution

    If you're an agency, we can assign a specific Agency Role to your account so you benefit from having multiple independent search projects under one umbrella while your customers have limited access to their search projects.

    This set-up ensures that you stay in control of overall billing details and that your clients do not have access to the other sites which you manage. Reach out to the Site Search 360 team to see how it could simplify your account management process.