Infographic: What to look for in a Google Site Search alternative

David Urbansky
3 mins to read

Since Google Site Search (GSS) closed its shutters back in April 2018, many businesses have found themselves lumbered with its inferior replacement, Custom Search Engine (CSE), by default.

Tracking down a decent – and affordable – alternative, or even just getting a clear picture of what makes a decent Google Site Search replacement can take up time that you just don’t have.

To cut through the noise, our infographic clears up what really matters when it comes to replacing GSS:


Infographic - What to look for in a Google Site Search alternative - SiteSearch360


The loss of Google Site Search provides a perfect opportunity to open new doors - and discover the potential behind an effective site search tool. 

For example, you might be surprised at the affordability of enhanced features – such as in-depth analytics, filtered result pages, and extensive design customization – which help you take control and get more from every search.

Choosing an effective tool can be time-consuming, and implementing it can be just as bothersome. With countless options to pick from, it's always disappointing to think you've identified the ideal solution, only to find yourself besieged with third-party ads or an expensive setup – so it's no wonder so many organizations are yet to settle on a suitable GSS replacement. 

Knowing exactly what to look for can help make sure you don't make any costly and time-consuming mistakes. Sign up to our free trial, and discover an intuitive site search solution that is easy to customize and deploy in only a few simple steps.


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