How custom site search can improve your website navigation

Olesya Elfimova
2 mins to read

Effective site search can be the difference between a quick and easy customer journey and a long, drawn-out process. If your search function isn't up to scratch, visitors won't hesitate to leave your site and go elsewhere. If they do, you'll be losing out on precious leads. So getting it right is pretty important. 

This is where custom site search can make a difference.

Why custom site search is a big deal for UX

Custom site search takes vanilla and impersonal site search and gives it improved functionality, customization options, and a whole host of analytical tools. With a smarter search, site visitors are more easily able to find, view, and engage with your content, products, and services. 

It helps make your site content more visible, even the stuff buried deeper in your navigation, and ensures customers always get the most relevant results for their search.

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Custom search features that improve navigation

Custom site search comes with lots of tools and features that make the search experience better, including:

  • Smarter search – Through semantic search, you get results based not just on what was entered, but the context behind it too. This gives your customers the best, most relevant results and gets them to what they want, quicker. 
  • Personal, customized style – You can control the look and feel of your search tool, incorporating its design perfectly with the rest of your website. This will not only ensure continuity across your site but also makes your search bar easier to locate and use for your visitors. Neat, huh? 
  • Analytical insightsIn-depth analytics show you exactly what visitors are looking for and what search results they're clicking on. This helps you to stay on top of trends and allows you to tweak your content in line with changing demands. Plus, you'll be able to identify common queries that aren't returning results and redirect them using query mapping, giving your site another welcome boost to its navigation. 
  • Full search result control – With custom site search, you decide what results are shown where. You can pin your best results, group similar results together, and use built-in algorithms to pick the most suitable content every time. You'll also be able to take advantage of auto-complete, search suggestions, and a spell-checker. 

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