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Automate your website crawling and document index process with Site Search 360’s Integromat integration. 

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The complete site search experience, with automated indexing

Integromat is a nifty service that helps alleviate the repetition and monotony of manual processes. Instead of having to sign in to separate accounts, you can configure your workflow scenario to fully automate tasks (such as site crawling and indexing) from one intuitive platform.

To make things easy — we’ve partnered with Integromat to offer our Site Search 360 integration. By routinely detecting page changes and relaying this information to our API, new documents and site data will be added and updated automatically — keeping your index fresh and saving you precious time. 

Whether you're new to Integromat or just want an efficient way to automate indexing alongside your other processes, check out our integration for an intelligent, easy-to-use solution, that optimizes your workflow. 

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Why choose Site Search 360 for your on-site search provider?

Fast indexing with automatic updates

Fast indexing with
automatic updates

There’s no need to worry about indexing new or updated product pages. Site Search 360 takes care of updating your search results pages for you – fast.

Speedy results and suggestions

Speedy results
and suggestions

Our site search serves up results and suggestions faster than you can say ‘Google it’.

Robust prediction engine

Robust prediction

Site Search 360’s powerful suggested results engine makes searching a breeze. Enrich suggestions further with specific information like ‘price’ and ‘availability.'

Cross-platform and cross-domain search

Complete compatibility

Site Search 360 lets users search across multiple platforms and domains from one search box, keeping any product-specific sites in the loop

Easy-to-configure faceted search

Easy-to-configure faceted search

Allow your customers to narrow down search results in just a few clicks with faceted search functionality.

Flexible indexing rules

Flexible indexing

Easily blacklist any URL or URL pattern, or include/exclude specific page blocks (such as custom banners and widgets) as you see fit.

Intuitive Customisation

Intuitive Customisation

Keep your online store's aesthetics or tweak your site search to look however you’d like with our easy-to-use site search designer tool.

Best in class support

Best-in-class support

Our focus on providing outstanding customer support means we’re proud to be Trustpilot's #1 rated site search tool.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing

We’re open and honest about our pricing structure, and you can get started, for free, in just a few clicks.


Automate crawling to keep your index fresh at all times

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